Preparing for a Stress-Free Trip with Pets in a Rental Car

Being on a trip with your four-legged friend can be an unforgettable adventure, where you get to see new exciting places and keep the pet comfortable while minimizing their separation anxiety. The necessary preparations will ensure that your pet remains safe, secure and stress-free on a car rental trip or even a vacation getaway from Vancouver.

Preparing for a Stress-Free Trip with Pets in a Rental Car

Securing Your Pet in the Vehicle

The first thing to consider is confinement and restraints for your dog or cat. Smaller pets can be secured via a seatbelt in a car. Bigger dogs can travel with the help of an anchored travel harness, which prevents them from wandering around the vehicle. Ensure that you opt for a correctly sized carrier or harness specifically designed for use in the car. Get your pet acquainted with it before the trip starts. Take along treats and toys to keep them busy and happy. On longer drives, plan to stop every few hours so your pet may stretch its legs, relieve itself, and get some fresh air. Plan rest areas, pet-friendly hotels, or parks along your route beforehand. Bring food, medicines, cleaning supplies, and a spill-proof water bowl to ease feeding, hydrating, and cleaning up the place.

Keeping Your Pet Safe in Parked Vehicles

Parked rental cars heat up quickly, so do not leave your pet unattended inside such a car. Even with windows slightly opened, vehicle temperatures could soon rise to dangerous levels in minutes. Even then, if a situation arises that you have to leave the dog in the car, bring a pet-safe windshield shade to drape over the rear window. It is better to select places that allow pets, such as outdoor cafes, to let your friend stay by your side. Inform the rental car company that you are bringing along with a pet and also ask about any policies on size, breed, or deposit in regards to pets.

Protecting the Rental Car Interior

Protect rental upholstery from scratches, shredding, and accidents by covering your pet’s favourite blanket or bedding over the seats. Leaving heavy-duty trash bags on the floor can serve as additional protection. Pack an empty spray bottle with natural cleaners to quickly clean any clutter. Pack some familiar items, such as home-scented toys that can ease anxiety. You should provide motion sickness medicine if your pet suffers from car sickness. Try shorter trips and see how they adapt to spending time in a rented car before taking longer drives. Keep the vehicle warm and play soft music to provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Armed with adequate pet-friendly preparation, your furry friend will make the perfect travel companion. If you are looking for trustworthy rental cars that can meet all your travel requirements, West Coast Car Rentals in Vancouver is a place to go. With its wide range of vehicles and pet-friendly policies, the West Coast becomes the perfect companion for your upcoming trip. You can visit the website or call to rent a car in Vancouver for your trip with your pet.

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