Long Term Lease

How Long Term Rentals Work

If you’re new to the city, enjoying a long vacation, or just tired of owning a car you may be in need of a long-term car rental. Get the benefits of driving a brand new car with none of the headaches of maintenance.

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When you choose long-term car rental, you’ll receive:

  • Savings: The longer you rent, the lower your daily base rate.
  • No long-term commitment: Rent your car for 1-11 months at a time.
  • Car swap eligibility: Switch one car for another in the same class whenever you like.
  • No Activation fee or Monthly Fee: Don’t worry paying a fee for activating your lease or monthly lease fees.

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There are countless reasons why you might need long-term car rental.

You could be waiting for your car to be repaired or perhaps you  work in Vancouver seasonally and need a vehicle to get you

around the city. Regardless of your reasoning we are here to help!

Long term rentals are an amazing option when you don’t want deal with expensive short-term leases or don’t want to rush to buy your next vehicle.


Yes, the kilometer limit on our car rentals are 2,000 KM / Month


We offer  flexible monthly car rental policy that gives you freedom to go wherever you please during your rental period. However, some rules and restrictions may apply to your long-term car rental:

  • Travel anywhere in Canada is permitted. 2,000 KM / Month
  • Travel to the continental U.S may be permitted. 2,000 KM / Month

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Do we pull your credit?

Nope! All we need is a credit card for the deposit and two pieces of ID (a drivers license can be one of them)

When can I switch my car?

2 vehicle switches/month! Simply give us a request to switch with sufficient notice and within 24 hours and we will deliver your new vehicle anywhere within a five KM radius of any of our convenient locations.

Am I responsible for maintenance?

Nope! Whenever servicing is required just give us a call and we will switch out your vehicle with a vehicle that has just had all of its major servicing done.

How new are your vehicles?

Very! We provide all of the latest models of vehicles.

What types of vehicles does your company offer?

We have everything under the sun! Everything from family sedans to full size luxury SUVs!  Our fleet is ever expanding so don’t hesitate to give us a call and be the first to drive our newest additions!

What about insurance?

Vehicles are fully insured. All primary and secondary drivers must meet and pass specific requirements to be entitled to our policy. Policy details are as follows:

  • $2,000,000 Third Party Liability
  • $2,500 Collision Coverage Deductible
  • $2,500 Comprehensive Coverage Deductible

As a Driver you are liable for any accidents or incidents while the vehicle is in your possession. Drivers are responsible for the first $2,500 of any damage to the vehicle.

Who’s eligible?

Anyone above the age of 21 with a valid drivers license or international equivalent with a clean drivers abstract. Anyone under 25 will have a flat fee of $150/month.

Are pets allowed in vehicles?

As some of our clients are very sensitive to pet allergens we try to keep our vehicles pet free. If in any case, you must transport pets they must be transported in a crate. It is safer for your furry friend.

Can I return my car before the lease due date?

Yes, you can, kindly note all monthly lease sales are a final sale.