10 Great ways to find cheap rental cars

There are so many ways to go about renting a car, you could easily find 10 great ways to find cheap rental cars that still maintain safety and quality of vehicles. The most important aspect of a vacation or travel experience is the ease with which you or your family can get around the area you are exploring, often for the first time. Here are 10 great ways to find cheap rental cars:

Use a Car Rental in Vancouver

  1.  First always look into advance booking especially in peak times and around holidays. Short notice rates are usually higher to account for the volume of rentals sought after during these times. Booking in advance allows you to lock in your rates beforehand.
  2.  Check out the websites of car rental services. Check rates, additional fees and other associated fees. Many sites will look to have fantastic prices, but add so many small fees that the price can become overwhelming.
  3.  Look for special promotions on car rental websites and online.
  4.  Look at the catalogue of cars to determine if they have the right type of vehicle for you. If you have a large family, you will need a van or SUV to accommodate traveling in one vehicle. The last thing you want on a family trip is to be struggling to fit yourselves and your luggage in your rental car.
  5.  If traveling from airport to hotel to rest before resuming travel, check if your hotel offers an airport shuttle, then book your car for the next day, rather than to get from airport to hotel. This will save the fee of one day’s rental, as well as overnight parking at the hotel.
  6.  Ensure that there are no extra mileage fees if traveling over a certain distance as these fees can really add up quickly. Mileage fees should be outlined before you finalize the rental, so there are no surprises.
  7.  Book your trip mid-week if possible. Car rentals are typically cheaper for weekday rates than they are for weekend days.
  8.  Look into additional driver costs. Having only one designated driver reduces rates quite a bit.
  9.  Use the GPS mapping on your phone,rather than paying to have it in the car’s fees.
  10.  Don’t rent directly from the airport. Their rates are not as competitive as outside companies, although some companies offer airport pickup for the same rate. has everything you need and want in a car rental service, with the best prices around. You should never have any trouble finding a great vehicle at great prices.

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