Can You Rent A Car in Downtown Vancouver Online?

If you’re coming to Vancouver for work or for a trip, being as prepared as possible will make your trip a lot smoother in general. This means having your transport to the city organized, such as a train or flight ticket, and having a hotel reservation.

You’ve probably also realized that one of the best ways to get around the city is by car. We do have a transit system in Vancouver, but it is limited to certain times and stops. If you want to go further afield or have to stick to a tight schedule, having your own wheels makes this a lot easier.

What many people don’t realize is that you can reserve a vehicle online through West Coast Car Rentals, so it is ready and waiting for you when you go to rent a car in Downtown Vancouver or at our off-site airport location. This convenient reservation system is another way in which you can be prepared for your trip.

Making an online reservation to rent a car in Downtown Vancouver with West Coast Car Rentals is easy. Like most people, you probably already have a laptop or smartphone, so accessing the internet isn’t an issue.

To rent a car in Downtown Vancouver through our website you will need a credit card to secure your reservation. However, you do not need to pay with this credit card once you pick it up, as we also accept debit cards and cash with prior arrangement.

Our online booking system will prompt you for the information that we need to make your reservation, such as the dates you need to rent a car in Downtown Vancouver, the location you’d like to pick it up from, and the type of vehicle you would like to reserve for your trip.

The main benefit of making an online reservation to rent a car in Downtown Vancouver is that your reservation will be guaranteed. You won’t show up at the counter to find out that the type of vehicle you were hoping to get isn’t available for some or all of the dates that you need it. This can be disappointing and inconvenient.

Use our handy online tool to avoid this situation. All you need to do is show up with your name or reservation number and valid driver’s license and payment method, and you can drive away in one of our vehicles to enjoy exploring or working in the city of Vancouver.

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