Five Tips to Save on Car Rental in Vancouver

Are you looking for a cost-effective car rental deal for your Vancouver tour? If yes, then this blog is for you. In this blog, we are going to tell you five tips that will help you save more on car rental in Vancouver.

Avoid the Airport

For people travelling to Vancouver by air, renting a car from a vendor at the YVR airport is the most convenient choice. But, if you want to save on car rental, then the airport will not be the right place to look for a car rental service. The reason is, airports charge a premium fee from the vendors to provide them with the airport space for their businesses. Thus, the vendors sell their products and services expensive at the airport than at other places. So, instead of the airport, book a rental car for you from a neighboring location. Take a taxi from the airport to that neighboring location and get your rental car from there.

Decide About Drivers

Car rental companies count every driver and take an additional driver fee for every driver. One more thing, car rental companies charge more for young drivers because they consider young drivers as risky drivers. So, if you are travelling with your family and everybody in your family can drive, then be careful about choosing the drivers. It will be better to mention two people as drivers. When one driver is tired, the other driver can get behind the wheels. But, one important thing, don’t allow a person whose name you have not mentioned as a driver to get behind the wheels because it can create unnecessary disputes. Moreover, if an accident occurs, the insurance company may deny compensating.

Talk to Your Credit Card Company

You cannot drive a rental car in Vancouver without having car rental insurance. You can buy it from your car rental company. But, before buying it from them, talk to your credit card company because many credit card companies provide free car rental insurance to the cardholders. If you get it free of cost, then why you should waste your money to buy it. But, don’t forget to ask the company what all their insurance will cover. Since it is free, it may not cover everything.

Select the Add-ons Carefully

The sales representative of the car rental company may try to up sell on as many add-ons as possible. Be careful. Apply your mind and determine what you really need. For example, GPS can be helpful for you because it will help you drive on the roads of Vancouver like locals do.

Read the Terms & Conditions Page Thoroughly

Every car rental company provides its car rental Vancouver service at some terms and conditions. If you violate the terms and conditions of their service, they can impose a penalty on you. So, this is important to learn the terms and conditions of the service.

Considering these above mentioned tips will help you save more on car rental in Vancouver. To have the best car rental experience in Vancouver, give us a call now. We have well-maintained and high-performance cars that we offer at most cost-effective prices.

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