Five Ways in Which You Can Make Your Car Hire in Vancouver Even Easier

When you need to get a care hire in Vancouver, you will realize that the process is pretty easy when you go with a company like West Coast Rentals. Our aim is for our customers to have a fantastic time driving around Vancouver, whether they are visiting for the first time or live locally.

Today our insiders are going to offer up some pro tips on how to make the process of car hire in Vancouver even easier. Follow these, and getting behind the wheel will be simple.

Book in Advance

This is the top tip from car hire companies all over the world. Booking in advance means you can get the vehicle of your choice for car hire in Vancouver, instead of being disappointed when you arrive at the counter. This is especially important if a certain vehicle is absolutely necessary, such as a mini van to fit the entire family, or a sports car to impress at an event.

Look for Discounts

The next tip for car hire in Vancouver is to look out for discounts. You might find discounts online or even in tourist brochures. Aside from this, you may be able to get a discount for renting for a longer time, such as on a weekly basis.

Bring a Valid DL

This may sound obvious, but you need to bring a valid driver’s licence to present at the counter for car hire in Vancouver. Without one, you will not be able to drive away in a vehicle, so always double check that you have yours on you and it is up to date, before you go to get a car hire in Vancouver.

Get a GPS

If you are visiting Vancouver for the first time, we advise you to get GPS. Navigating your way around a new city without one can be a bit of a nightmare and relying on your cell phone can incur high data usage, which can end up being very expensive.

Don’t Choose the Airport

Finally, don’t rent a car at the airport unless you really need to. These vehicles often cost more, and unless you have a huge amount of luggage, you can get a free shuttle to our Richmond location or get the Canada Line rapid transit to your hotel in Downtown Vancouver and pick it up from our Beatty Street or Robson Street location.

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