Taking a Weekend Break? Rent a Car in Downtown Vancouver

If you live and work in Vancouver, then you know how popular weekend breaks away from the city are to its residents. People love taking a long weekend to go to the island, to Seattle, camping, skiing, or to the Okanagan.

Unless you want to spend the majority of the day getting to your final destination, the best way to do this is by car. Unlike more rural areas, a lot of people who live and work in Vancouver don’t own a car, due to the good transit and vast array of car share programs.

The best way to get hold of a vehicle for a weekend getaway like this is to rent a car in Downtown Vancouver. Our West Coast Car Rentals Downtown Vancouver locations are extremely popular when it comes to this type of vehicle rental for various reasons. Today, we are going to look at a few, so you know what to do the next time you are planning a weekend trip.

Great Meeting Point

If there is a group of you going away, renting a car in Downtown Vancouver makes sense as it is a fantastic meeting point. Everyone can get to Downtown by transit and some people may already even live in the area. If you want more than one named driver on your rental vehicle, everyone that is named must present their license at the counter and a Downtown Vancouver location is ideal in this type of situation.

Stock Up on Supplies Before You Leave

Another great thing about being able to rent a car in Downtown Vancouver is that you can pick up supplies before you leave for your destination. Downtown Vancouver has everything that you need in terms of grocery and camping supply stores, so you can pack up your trunk as soon as you collect your vehicle.

Easy Access to Highway or Ferry

Lastly, when you rent a car in Downtown Vancouver, it won’t be long until you are on your way to your destination. Downtown Vancouver leaves you with easy access to all of the popular highways and you can also quickly make your way to both ferries from this location. Simply pick up your vehicle from us and you will soon be on the road for a fun few days away from the city for the weekend getaway of your choice.

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