Why Car Rentals Vancouver?

Nothing can be more frustrating than being in a new city and not being able to get around. You land at the airport and you get out and you are miles away from where you need to be in town. Yes, you can take a cab to anywhere you want, but the problem is it is getting pricey going from airport to anywhere these days. Then, there is getting from your hotel to where ever you need to be in the new city by cab. That can get pricey too. Look into car rentals in Vancouver for your next trip.

The cheap option is, of course, public transit. Vancouver now has a train that can get you from the airport to downtown in forty minutes. This means that you can get all the way downtown for less than ten dollars, if you don’t mind having all your luggage and presentation materials and laptop under your arm, under your seat and in the middle of the train. Having to keep an eye on all that as the train gets fuller and fuller as it approaches the city center and then you still need a cab to get to your hotel and now you are standing on the sidewalk with all your stuff. Might have been easier to look into car rentals in Vancouver.

Also, transit into the city may be quicker, but that is more or less where it ends. If you have a hotel room in downtown, but you have meetings in Richmond or Surrey, you are going to be spending all day going to and from meetings, taking two to three different transit systems. The extra time can be spent prepping for your presentation, being well rested and being ready for your presentation anywhere in town, if you look into car rentals in Vancouver.

That is all business. What if you are in town for a nice time with a person you want to spend a nice weekend with? Car rentals in Vancouver can help there too. With the right deal and the right car, you can go and explore the entire lower mainland up and down the coast. Imagine being in a nice new car and driving to the mountains in the morning and then to the coast for a lovely dinner watching the sun set over the Georgia straight. Valentines day is coming up and you can make it one for the books by clicking on West Coast Car Rentals.

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