First Time Renting a Car in Vancouver? 4 Top Tips

If it is your first time deciding to rent a car in Vancouver, there are a number of elements that are worth considering, in order to maximize your time and enjoyment with the hired vehicle.

In this article, we look at four pieces of advice and guidance, for when you use a car rental in Vancouver for the first time.

Right side of the road

If you are coming from certain overseas countries, switching to the other side of the road might feel like a daunting experience, though it’s often less challenging than you may expect. The trick is to start slowly, and if possible, in quieter areas, until you are more confident with driving on busier roads and highways.

It is also useful to study up on any differences to the road rules, compared to the country in which you are currently residing. This will help give you added confidence and experience before you rent a car in Vancouver.

Have a map handy

While mobile phones have largely taken over in terms of navigation within a car, it’s still a very smart idea to ensure you have a map with you at all times. While phones can rapidly run out of battery, having a map for a backup will ensure you always know where you are going.

Don’t cram yourself in

Whether you have lots of bags and luggage yourself, or you are driving around with other people, another great tip is to upgrade to a larger vehicle. When opting to rent a car in Vancouver for the first time, you will want to have ample room to move around comfortably, along with having a clear view out of all your mirrors and windows.

Investing in an upgrade is a smart move, and one that can help get even more enjoyment from your car rental in Vancouver.


The last tip that we will advise, is to be absolutely sure you are sufficiently insured before taking to the road. Opting for the extra insurance options is often a very wise move, while also helping to give you confidence and reassurance out on the road.

Last word

Choosing to a rent a car in Vancouver is a great idea, allowing you to easily and simply visit all of the areas you wish to go. With the help of these four tips above, your first car rental is sure to be an enjoyable and memorable trip.

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