Rent a Car in Vancouver to Maximize Your Visit

Are you looking to rent a car in Vancouver for your holiday or visit? In doing so, you are able to make the very most of your trip, as we look at the top reasons for renting your own set of wheels.

Save time

One of the biggest reasons to rent a car in Vancouver, is the amount of time that it will save you. From being able to drive straight to your accommodation from the airport, through to the time saved in driving directly to the sights you’d like to see, it all helps maximize your time in the city.

Beat the weather

Vancouver can be a stunning place to visit, though it also likes to rain an awful lot too. In having your own vehicle, you can help beat the weather by escaping to indoor attractions, such as museums and galleries.

Explore the outside

While the weather can be dreary at times, when the sun is out there is no better place to be than outside. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and majestic rivers and lakes to explore, when you rent a car in Vancouver you open up the possibility of visiting all of these areas.

Visit Squamish and Whistler

Lastly, when you rent a car in Vancouver, you are giving yourself the option to visit Squamish and Whistler, which are both a picturesque drive away.

During winter periods, Whistler is a popular destination for visitors, being one of the most highly-regarded ski resorts in North America. For the warmer periods, there is also an abundance of hiking and sightseeing that can be done, making it a great year-round destination.

Squamish is a haven for those who love the outdoors, with climbing, mountain-biking, kite surfing and hiking among the many activities available, as well as the new Sea to Sky Gondola, providing amazing views of Howe Sound and the surrounding mountains.

Summing up

Whether you are looking to explore the outside, save yourself time, or beat the weather, there is always a good reason to rent a car in Vancouver for your stay.

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